Voice Productivity

In the past your physicians, attorneys, or executives would pick up a portable recorder or call in and dictate a report while on the way to visit with their next client. There wasn’t much of any data to speak of, no one had heard of “meaningful use”, HIPAA, or “discrete data”. The transcriptionists or secretaries produced a document and stuck it in a file, and that process worked well.

Today you might have your EMR, HIS, RIS, PACS, Document Management, or other systems which all need data, which takes up valuable time to input. We can help integrate all of that to get back to the original idea that your top producers should be able to pick up whatever device they want, dictate a report at 250-300wpm, and move on to the next client rather than spending half their day creating documentation. Oh, and it might be nice if the system had speech recognition as well so that transcriptionists or secretaries aren’t spending a ton of time typing things word for word or the authors could even do it all themselves.

You want your system simple to use, feature rich, and rock solid. Let’s talk.